80ZWN47-2428/80CJB136.1K15 DYD New Brushed and Brushless DC Parallel Shaft Gear Motor

① Characteristics

Brushless and Brushed DC Parallel Shaft Gear Motor

Brushless DC Spur Gear Motor / BL DC Gear Motor
Model:  80ZWN47-2428/80CJB136.1K15 with inner hall sensor
Technical pecs.:
Only motor:
Voltage: 24V DC
No-load speed 2800rpm
No-load current 0,6A
Rated speed 2200rpm
Rated power 45W
Rated torque 0.194N.m
Gear motor:
Gear ratio 1:136.1 Rated torque 19.2N.m
Rated speed 16.2rpm
Back lash 0.5°
Max. radial load 1500N
Max. axial load 500N
Noise @ no-load: 0.5m distance with 60dB. Optional components: speed controllers/encoder/brake/ cable connector CE, UKCA, Reach and RoHS approval Customized shaft & flange dimensions and technical specs. are available upon requested.


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