352338 Power Stabilizer Jack Motor C-800 ( P/N 337199 )

① Characteristics

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② Description

P/N 337199 Power Stabilizer Jack Motor C-800, Electric Stabilizer Jack Gear Motor C-800
Model: 63ZY100-1245/JB88G52.8G Part # 352338

Voltage 12V DC
No-load Current 0.9A
No-load Speed 85rpm
Rated Current 11A
Rated Speed 60rpm
Rated Torque 13N.m
Gear Ratio 52.8 : 1
UL, CE, Reach and RoHS approval
Optional components: magnetic/optical encoder; brake; connector
Customized shaft dimensions and technical specifications are available upon requested

Typical Applications: High-Speed Power Stabilizer Jack, RV Leveling System, Trailer Leveling System