64ZY DC Gear Motor / DC Linear Actuator

① Characteristics

DC linear actuator
Aluminum alloy shell, compact design, light weight, with built-in micro switch to automatically stop after stroke; customized stroke, easy to install, easy to operate; Can replace hydraulic pressure, air pressure and other traditional mechanical push and pull products; widely used in aircraft, ships, luxury car seat back rest lifting, massage chair massage bed, fire equipment,medical equipment, furniture and other products.
Linear Actuator General TECNICAL DATA:
Voltage 12 V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC, 48V DC, 110V DC
Available with slipknot nuts
Load Capacity up to 7000N
DC motor length: 94mm, 98mm, 118mm
Standard Stroke 20 ~ 800mm ( Option Upon request )
Max. life cycles: 50000
Duty Cycle 20% or 10%, Max. 2 min ON/18 min OFF
Load noise: within 45dB
Operation Temperature -26°C~+65°C
IP rating: IP54, IP65, IP67

Able to make customized types.
94mm length 64ZY linear actuator specs.:

64zzy curve.jpg4-1.jpg4-2.jpg

② Description