3 Channels Optical Encoder

① Characteristics


TypeThree-channel Optical Kit Encoder
Model:GBM30B; GBM302C; GBM22A; GBM28A; GBM40A
Mounting hole diameter4 ~ 8MM
Mounting DiameterΦ19.05 / M2.5; Φ16.86 / M2; Φ34 / M3; Φ46 / M3
Output circuitLine driver
Supply voltage5V
Relative Humidity20% ~ 85% RH
Temp. Range-20~80

② Description

Optical Kit Encoders can be equipped at the end of servo motors, DC motors and stepping motors, etc..

Optical Kit Encoders are high precision digital sensors testing the speed, angle and location.

Light from LED goes through grating coding dish which is tightly installed on the motor shaft,the receptor(phototube) turns the change of brightness alternation into pulse and amplify and handle it in the controller.

Because of the influence of gear backlash or driving belt error, DC motors and stepping motors use optical kit encoders which are less than 500 lines.

Optical Kit Encoders can be divided into two categories: two channel and  three channel.

As incremental encoder, Three channel encoders can directly output three sets of square wave pulse(A,B and Z phase)by adopting Photoelectric Conversion Principle.


high precision, fast respond, dustproof, oil-proof, anti-vibration

Adaptive Motor

DC motor; AC motor; stepper motor; Servo motor

Certificates & Qualifications

REACH, CE & CCC, RoHS, ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, OHSAS18001: 2007

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