Power Tailgate Gear Motor 29ZY53H-1270/29JX22-IS

① Characteristics

Auto Tail Gate Linear Actuator Motor

12V high torque silent automobile electric tail door motor with micro metal gearbox

DC Planetary 1W-99W Electric Gear Motor For Automobile Power Lift Gate

Auto Electric Tailgate Lift DC Gear Motor

Power Tailgate Gear Motor 29ZY53H-1270/29JX22-IS SPECS.:

Voltage 12VDC

Rated Current 4.10A

Output Power 40.1W

Rated Speed 280RPM

Rated Torque 1.09N.m

Gear Ratio 22/1

Spline Hollow Shaft, 21 inner teeth, Dedendum circle Φ7.9;

Gear Ratio 22.2:1, First stage is helical tooth;

Gearbox front cover and ring gear is made into one part, metal material;

With/Without Magnetic Encoder


② Description