Typical applications of the Planetary Geared Motor

[2010/3/10 12:11:48]

  • Multiple Ratios available 

  • Smooth and Quiet Operation for continuous use!

  • High Torque

  • Extremely High Efficiency with only 3% loss per Train!

Planetary Geared Motors are used extensively by Hobbyists, Industrial and Commercial Business for Design and Prototyping and Manufacturing for applications such as:
Factory Automation (CNC machinery Positioning systems, Unmanned automation systems, Conveyors, Industrial machinery)

 Robots (Bipedal robot, Educational robot, Service robot, Guide robot, Rescue robot)

 Office Automation (Printers / Faxes, Bill/Note counting machines, Coin counting machines, Automatic ticketing machine, Money changing machines)

 Safety Equipment (Access monitoring systems, Electronic locks / Automatic doors, Automatic windows)
 Optical and Communications Equipment (Camera focusing systems, Base station antennae positioning, Steering systems / Stage lighting, Laser lighting / Video camera positioning)

 Household Automation Equipment (Automatic curtains/Intelligent vacuum, Automatic elevating TV platform, Automatic kitchen systems, Adjustable electric furniture)

 Traffic Systems (Vertically adjustable car shade, Electric chair / Automatic car doors, Headlight steering systems, Screens / Searchlight steering system, Yacht automation equipment)